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Open: Friday-Saturday 11am-11pm, Sunday-Thursday 11am-10pm
Bowling Tips


The Bowling Grip

The Grip

The Bowling Approach & Throw

The Approach & Throw

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About Ten Pin Bowling:

  • First introduced in Ireland in 1963 but the first indoor alley was opened in New York in 1840.
  • Frame: A single turn for a bowler, constituting one or two rolls, depending on pinfall. A game is made up of 10 frames.
  • Channel/ Gutter: Located on either side of the lane to catch an errant throw.
  • Strike: All ten pins down on the first roll. This is the aim of all bowlers at the start of each frame.
  • Perfect Game – 300 points is the maximum score
  • Double: Two strikes in a row during a single bowling game.
  • Foul: A shot where the bowler’s foot crosses the “foul line” at the end of the approach and start of the lane
  • Spare: All ten pins down on two ball rolls of a frame
  • Turkey: Three strikes in a row during a single bowling game.
  • Wombat: Getting a spare after throwing a gutter ball on the first throw. Derived from coming from ‘Down Under’

About Us:

The KBOWL company was founded in 2007 and opened the doors to the first ten-pin bowling centre in Co. Kildare in May 2008.

We are an Irish company with a simple of goal of providing the best quality in bowling and family entertainment available. In June 2012 we extended Kbowl to now include Wacky World and KDiner.

KBowl has 12 Bowling lanes with automated scoring and Free parking outside.

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